'Nothing is ever what you think it will be" [The Seer by G. Clifton Wisler] Book Review

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Scott Childers appears to be a normal 14 year old, trying with all his might to fit in. Problem is, Scott has a secret he desperately wants to hide…and it’s a whopper. He is actually an alien from another planet with the power to travel through time, to plant thoughts into someone’s mind, and to see things before they actually happen. Scott is a Seer.

The Seer, by G. Clifton Wisler, is an action packed adventure that follows a lonely teen, forced into the life of a wanderer, never quite belonging anywhere, or able to stay in a place too long, for fear of his secret being discovered leading to his capture as a possible dangerous alien. He is accompanied in this lonely life by a strange little man, Tiaf, his teacher and companion from his home planet. Although Scott is an Antrian by birth, Earth is the only home he has ever known. Tiaf spent his life among other telepaths and seers and had been taught all the mysteries before their home planet became the victim of a super-nova. They are the last of the ancient race that sped through space looking for a new planet to call home.

Scott had always thought of his ability to see into the near future as a curse but came to realize his special talent was a gift. He could not understand why he would have these visions if he wasn’t meant to help those around him – even though this interference would threaten to expose his secret. This gift came with a lot of responsibility. It was a lonely life, always being on guard to keep his secret hidden meant moving…a lot.

This fast paced tale is filled with adventure and suspense that will keep you glued to the edge of your seat waiting to see what will happen next.

By G. Clifton Wisler

Publisher: Lodestar Books
Genre: Science Fiction
ISBN: 978-0525672623
Hardback: 134 pages
Recommended for Ages: 9 – 12

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Linda Jo Martin said...

Sounds like a good novel! This reminds me of a novel inspiration I had earlier today, but my idea didn't have an alien protagonist. This is really cool. I hope I get a chance to read this book soon!

Millicent Prendergild said...

Hi Linda! I hope you do get the opportunity to read this book - I think you will enjoy it. I hope to have the opportunity to read your inspired novel as well!

Please feel free to drop by the Cybrarie anytime. The ghostwriters and I love visitors!

Millicent Prendergild
Greenbrier Academy Cybrarian
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