What Makes a Home Perfect?

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Frankie’s Perfect Home by Beverly Stowe McClure

Frankie wishes he had a perfect home. What exactly is a perfect home? ‘One that doesn’t have someone’s claw on his nose, or their tail in his eyes or their foot in his mouth’ he grumbles. Face it, with three brothers his mama and him, Frankie’s home is just too crowded.

The young armadillo makes up his mind that enough is enough and strikes out to find a perfect place to call his very own. He travels across the countryside exploring nooks and crannies everywhere: the muddy area beside the creek, a dark hole under a farmhouse, the corner of an old abandoned barn, the hollow log and even a tunnel secluded under the roots of an old tree that seems absolutely perfect until he discovers one small problem… it is already occupied…by someone really scary. On his adventure Frankie meets many of his neighbors, and some of them are not so friendly. He is sleepy and hungry…and very lonely.

Join Frankie on his quest and help him discover the most important thing he needs to make his new home positively perfect.

Ms. McClure is a talented storyteller and this well crafted tale will not disappoint. The illustrations by Alex Morris are a perfect compliment to this delightful story that children will enjoy over and over again.

Greenbrier Academy Cybrarian

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Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Well, I'm a little slow in responding to your lovely review,Millicent. Thank you. Frankie's so happy you enjoyed his story. Beverly is too.

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